Friday, September 26, 2014

False Alarm

Even though I'm writing this post, it's Tracy's story.  I just know that if I don't tell it, she won't.

I got a call a few weeks ago at work.  Tracy was panicking because Tanner was missing.  She had gone to Costco with him and Alexa while Afton was at school, and then she came home, took him inside, and went back out to start talking to our neighbor.  After talking for a while, she realized that she hadn't heard from Tanner. at all.

I asked her a few questions, "Did you look in the closets and the lower cupboards? You know he likes to hide in there." She had, and even gone through the house, and then the neighborhood calling his name.  She decided that she had either left him at Costco or he had wandered away while she was talking.

I left work and started driving home in a slightly more spirited manner than usual.  When I was about halfway home, Tracy called again.  He had been hiding in our bedroom closet, in the dark section that divides the "Hers" from the "His".  He didn't come out when she was calling for him because he had decided not to use the potty, but soil his underwear instead, and didn't want to get in trouble.

Crisis averted.

I finished working from home that day.


Sarah said...

Yay, you blogged!

I've had some scary moments like that, the worst involving letting Camille out back to play without realizing that the side gate was open. Luckily she was found within five minutes. I was so panicked after five minutes. I'm sure Tracy was terrified.

Joe said...

Let's just say I was starting to hyperventilate and my neighbors thought I was the crazy woman running around outside screaming for my child. Tanner had also just learned to open the front door, and I was so sure he snuck out. The cops were the ones who actually found him. One of my worst moments....

Joe said...

Ok that comment is really me,Tracy.